Space Planning

Space planning for your office

The way in which people work has changed so much in the last two decades. People are always on the go, available on their phones or can work from a tablet or laptop. Offices have moved towards a more open plan approach with hot desks and more adaptable spaces. It’s important to incorporate different areas into your plan – allowing for different types of activities and working styles in an office.




There are a variety of different desk configurations that can be utilised in open plan offices. Smaller more compact designs can be used in more call centre type operations, while 4-way workstation pods can help to provide the desk space required for employees who may deal with more paper work or larger documents. Customised options can be incorporated into spaces, providing both valuable storage and helping to define different areas in the office. Monitor arms and softwire packages can be tailored to suit different company needs and maximise desk space and the functionality of the office as a whole.


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Open plan offices are great for collaborative work and for creating a dynamic and vibrant environment. However occasionally individuals need a space in which they can work quietly on something that’s detailed or requires intense concentration. Having breakaway spaces that are quiet and removed from the hustle and bustle of your more open plan spaces is an important part of the space plan.




Everyone needs to be able to move away from their desk, take a break and hopefully gain some perspective on a task or problem they’re working on. Having break-out spaces in an office allow staff to re-energise and re-focus, and could include things like fuseball or pool tables. Break-out spaces are generally also an area where companies would like to see colour or a more creative element to the design. These areas can be fun and vibrant and can add an exciting twist to the overall design concept of the office.


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Meeting spaces are typically more formal collaborative areas. They are spaces that are often defined by walls or partitions. As they are often client facing they can also help define the corporate image that a company is wanting to portray. These spaces could be elegant and sophisticated or include fun elements or pops of colour that work with the design concept.


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Our qualified and experienced team of interior designers specialize in space planning. We can produce accurate CAD plans of your existing office layout to provide several options to make the most of your office space, or even a complete office space planning overhaul. We are able to work with your existing furniture, provide new furniture, and can help you to visualise your new office design and space with 3d visuals.