Space Planning

Get the most from your space.

Smart Space Planning

Our objective when space planning is to maximise the utilisation of all space, at minimal capital and operating cost, whilst achieving optimal efficiency and aesthetics.

Space planning has the ability to transform workplaces

Smart space planning can ensure your space works, not only now, but in years to come. Future-proof planning and design is not only important for the health of your business but can help keep future costs down. There are plenty of things to consider, from business growth plans to IT infrastructure and legal requirements – we thoroughly consider all elements to get the most from your space.


When creating healthy workspace environments, ergonomic considerations need to be addressed at the space planning stage. This is achieved through suitable furniture selection and placement. We can work with existing furniture or provide new furniture, or both. (Read more about our Office Furniture)


Our qualified and experienced team of interior designers specialize in space planning and are experts in achieving the perfect balance between function and creativity in workspace environments. Whether you simply need to fit in more desks, or want a complete workspace overhaul, our team can help you achieve your goals.


Space planning goals may include the following:


  • Decrease cost per square metre
  • Accommodate more staff
  • Increase productivity
  • Create a more efficient workflow
  • Utilize a large space
  • Make a small space work
  • Create a healthier workplace
  • Allow for various activities
  • Accommodate different work styles

Our trusted design team are space planning experts. We can produce accurate CAD plans of your existing office layout and provide several options to get the most from your space. We are able to work with your existing furniture, provide new furniture, and can help you to visualise your new office design and space with 3d visuals.