Break-out Spaces

Space for spontaneous collaboration, communication, and relaxation

Breakout spaces – or breakout zones, are now seen as a standard part of modern workplace design. Well designed break out areas will greatly benefit your organisation. However, because of poor design many breakout zones do not represent an efficient use of space. Take a look at how you can design, or re-design, your spaces so they are used optimally.


Break-out Space Design


Breakout spaces offer an opportunity for design creativity, but they must also play a functional role for the organisation, so be sure your breakout areas are designed for intended use. The following considerations will help to design the most efficient breakout spaces:


  • Consider whether you want an area designed for employees to be quiet and concentrate, or to be interactive and noisy. This will help determine the best location for a breakout space.
  • Make breakout areas distinctive from one another and provide cues for employees.
  • Furniture and equipment should suppport intended use, e.g. power points, side tables to rest laptops on, coffee tables, comfortable seating, social positioning, privacy positioning, white boards, tv monitors, magazines, etc – whatever you need.
  • Provide enough break-out areas so employees can move freely between social and private spaces.


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