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Create a healthier work environment by offering sit stand desks

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Standing desks in the workplace are becoming increasingly popular in New Zealand. The negative impact that sitting at a desk all day has on your health and wellbeing is now common knowledge, and the clear benefits of being active during your work day means electric sit/stand desks are an obvious choice for any office environment. Let’s take a look at why sit stand desks are fast becoming commonplace in the workplace.


Doctors like Sit Stand Desks


Sitting all day slows your metabolism, puts pressure on your organs, strains your muscles, and the inactivity creates lethargy and contributes to slower brain function. Studies show that even spending time at the gym each day doesn’t offset the damage done by sitting all day. Alternating between sitting and standing to work has shown to decrease existing back pain, improve circulation, decrease fatigue, increase fat burning, reduce the risk of major diseases, and even prolong your life. The key is to be active and alternate between sitting and standing – even standing at your desk for just 10 minutes every hour will provide benefits.


Management likes Sit Stand Desks


Providing sit stand desk options in the workplace creates a more productive environment. Employees using sit-stand desks and break-out spaces are more likely to engage with one another in a more natural and impromptu way, providing immediate and spontaneous communication as opposed to employees in a more traditional, less fluid, and limiting environment. The health benefits gained by employees will see productivity levels rise, retention increase, and less spent on health cover overall.


Employees like Sit Stand Desks


Further to the reasons already mentioned, many testimonials reveal that using electric sit stand desks in the workplace can offer a liberating, social, active and healthy experience, which provides an overall sense of increased well-being and happiness. You can choose when to sit and when to stand, you don’t get restless and uncomfortable, and there is a significant increase in caloric expenditure when standing as compared to sitting – so standing for more of your day makes a whole lot of sense!


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