3 Key Elements of Workplace Design

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3 Key Elements of Workplace Design

Design is one of the most essential elements of creating an efficient workplace. Office Design has evolved drastically over the years, allowing us to become more engaged with our workplace and helping us create the ideal office environment. Let’s take a look at three key elements of design in a work place:




People engage with aesthetically pleasing environments. When creating an environment that allows the worker to engage with their work space, a bond is made. Aesthetics are not everything, but they are very important.


A creative, clean and healthy work environment reflects on its workers. According to an occupational health research project, staff creativity can be effectively enhanced in the right working conditions.


Space Planning


Design is not just about look, it is about functionality and efficiency. Space planning is essential in a workplace. Creating the right environments in the office based on private and public space and looking into what the staff need in the space, are questions that need to be asked. Team zoning, communication, and flow through the office are key.


To ensure that the advantages of open space layout are fully utilised, the very highest standards should be set for Space planning, ergonomics and working atmosphere.


Breakout and Meeting Spaces


In the long term, a communicative central area in an open plan office can indeed prove more successful than expensive and time-consuming team-building activities.


Providing meeting points for staff is crucial for good communication. Creating these spaces gives the staff an opportunity to converse with each other face to face. Nowadays, direct exchanges with colleagues consume a large part of the working day.

Create an environment in which people can develop their full potential.

By Nicky Richter
Nicky is a Senior Interior Designer, previously with Fuze Business Interiors – currently, traveling the world! For questions relating to this article please contact us on Ph.09.3091710