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Work Space Wall Ideas

Work space walls. Once, simply a question of which wallpaper to choose, we now have seemingly endless options – Graphics, Colour, Typography, Wayfinding, New and Interesting Materials, Technology, Creative Installations… the list goes on....

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Sopha reception seating #modernoffice #fuzeinteriors

Modular Seating

Modular seating allows you to change the configuration of your office seating to suit your office design aesthetics and function. Check these out.....

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Creative Restrooms

We see a lot of companies get creative with their space - both visually and functionally, but many overlook the one room that every employee will spend at least some amount of time in; the restroom....

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Defining Space With Colour

Color can play an significant role in defining areas of open space in clever and visually functional ways. Smart use of colour can make a small areas appear larger, or larger areas appear more defined. It can visually support purpose and function, add depth to...

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Office Cafe Ideas

Moving slightly away from your typical brightly coloured soft seating for cafeteria areas of large offices, let's look at some creative office cafe ideas that are a little different....

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Creative flooring solutions

Defining Spaces with Flooring

Using floor installations to visually create or define spaces without the use of walls or partitions can add depth and functionality to open spaces. A well defined or creative transition that is practical and simple ...

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Black office design

Black is the New Black

I am loving the black trend that we’re starting to see in commercial design. Black is a great accent colour, it provides depth and helps to offset any other colours within the space. It’s also incredibly versatile in how it can be used....

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office design trends 2017

Office Design Trends

In today's busy environment with ever changing technology, a well designed workplace should change effortlessly according to the task at hand. Developing areas that can be easily adapted to suit changing requirements is an essential element of design in 2017. ...

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Why Plants are a Must for your Office

It’s amazing what a difference adding plants to an office space can make. We’ve had plants in various shapes and forms in our showroom for a few years now and you really can see how they ‘complete’ the space. ...

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