Diplomat Global were wanting to create a new office in their newly acquired space in Takapuna.  The layout needed to allow for the expansion plans for the company and needed to take the panoramic views of Rangitoto and Auckland city.  The client wanted individual managers office with an open plan central hub for the employees.  The front-of-house meeting and training rooms were situated in the areas immediately adjacent to the elevators for easy access and flow of the office space.

The colour palette took inspiration from the corporate identity of Diplomat.  Different textured fabrics were used to create a depth with white and black furniture pieces being used as accents within the space.

Large printed vinyl graphics were applied to the walls in the reception area and in the open plan office space.  The large structural pillars were wrapped in the secondary branding colours and displayed the company values of Diplomat.  These added popped of colours to the space and offset the elegance of the furniture and design elements within the space.