Maximise Desk Space with Monitor Arms

Maximise Desk Space with Monitor Arms

In the past the average image of a desk was usually one that was covered with paper, office supplies and some odds and ends with personal items to the side. This is an outdated view in most cases now days. We now live in an era where we use computers for almost all our correspondence, accounting, and other business related tasks, thus almost terminating the need for large desks.

However, for those of us who still require adequate desk space but spatially can’t afford to get bigger desks, there is a way to minimise the desk size but maximise the usage.


This scenario cropped up the other day when I went to visit a site in regards to changing some desk configurations in hope to gain more space. When I entered the office space it was somewhat of a shock to say the least! It was at maximum capacity and all you could see for miles were mounds of paper and multiple computer stands on each desk. All the desks varied in size and the clutter was immense.


As I proceeded to walk through the space I was immediately stopped by one of the pod inhabitants complaining about how he needs a larger desk as he does not have enough space. I realised quickly the issue was not in the desk size and that there was a very obvious and easy resolution for everyone. If this office space was just to remove their bulky unnecessary computer stands and replace them with monitor stands with adjustable arms for each screen they would gain a huge amount of space and altogether would achieve a much more aesthetically pleasing look.


Monitor stands are a brilliant tool for every office. They are items that have followed the evolving office design market and will continue to do so due to their versatile and flexible nature.


Gone are the days of straining your neck or having to move around and adjust to a fixed monitor. With adjustable monitor arms you are able to adjust height, depth and angle. You are even able to turn the arms 360 degree if need be to get the desired angle that suits you or your client. They are also perfect for the continuing healthy trend of sit-stand desks. You will gain more order and efficiency whilst improving your posture at the same time. Better for the body and mind. Pretty amazing don’t you think?!


But as I began, one of the other most crucial differences they make is clearing up unnecessary clutter on your desk. I have been to offices where they are complaining about lack of desk space, yet are using old telephone books as computer stands (not ideal). Easy fix! With a monitor stand you immediately gain all that space underneath where the telephone books once resided and in addition can probably fit a a loved one’s or pets portrait. The desk is your oyster now.


Now, the next step would be deciding what monitor stand configuration is best. The question you need to ask yourself or your client would be, how do you work?


  • Do you deal with clients that perhaps need to view your screen?
  • Do you need a single, dual, or triple monitor set-up and why?
  • Are you working with a laptop as well? Perhaps you need a laptop and monitor set-up?
  • What is the total load bearing capacity needed for the arms?


In reality, at the end of the day there are only a few things that need to be considered when looking at monitor stands for the office… preference, functionality, and budget.


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Sara Romano
Sara is a Senior Interior Designer at Fuze Business Interiors. You can contact her for advise on space planning, office design, and office furniture options. Ph.09.3091710