Modular Seating

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Modular Seating

Flexibility. A word you hear often in the world of workplace design. We all need furniture that adapts to our changing environments, especially in a busy office space.
Modular seating is great because it allows you to change the configuration of your office seating to suit your office design aesthetics and function. When your space requirements change, your seating can adapt to suit.

Modular style seating is by no means simply cubic, right angled shapes of the 70’s, there are so many new styles on the market with pieces to suit almost any space. Being able to mix and match and create social spaces provides the aesthetics and flexibility you need, no matter what the size of your space. You can change the entire look and feel of a large room by defining spaces with modular seating.

After finding modular seating in a style you like, you can have it custom upholstered to match your brand colours or office design. There are many styles out there, but here are some pieces we love… take a look:





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