Office Design for Effective Teamwork & Collaboration

Office Design for Effective Teamwork & Collaboration

Teamwork is one of the most crucial workplace design considerations that needs to be taken into account when space planning. The flow through an office and the way it is laid out is extremely important when creating a productive and communicative office space.


Team spirit, cooperation, and communication are key factors in creating a good office culture and productive well-being. Providing different meeting spaces gives staff the opportunity to meet and converse with each other in different environments depending on the conversation they need to have.


Here at Fuze, teamwork is vital. We have an open plan space and find that sharing thoughts and ideas with each other really helps us to create innovative, fresh and functional ideas. Not only does it give us a chance to bounce ideas off of each other, but it provides a chance to test theories and get feedback. Hearing other points of view and building on original thought, allows us to be more productive and more efficient in our work.



Key Elements to Help Build Teamwork in the Office:

Teamwork and collaboration in space planning

Open Plan Office

Use open plan offices as a tool to help your staff collaborate and listen to one another. Allow them to talk to their team and colleagues about their work and share ideas among themselves.


Multiple Meeting Spaces

Think about what meeting spaces your staff need and how these spaces can benefit them. Encourage communication by providing the right spaces for them to communicate in.


Private spaces vs. Public Spaces

Providing the meeting spaces is one thing – but make sure you are providing the right spaces. Think about what conversations are had in your office and what spaces are best suited to them. By creating both Private and Public meeting spaces in your office you will be giving your staff the opportunity to have the right conversations in the right places.


Office Culture

An essential part of creating a new office culture of productive well-being in your office is communication. When your staff begin to work together they begin to build ideas together.

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By Nicky Richter
Nicky is a Senior Interior Designer, previously with Fuze Business Interiors – currently, traveling the world! For questions relating to this article please contact us on Ph.09.3091710