Predict HQ


Predict HQ

We worked with Predict HQ on this project to create their office space utilising and referencing the beautiful raw nature of the building with it’s exposed brick work and concrete flooring. We wanted the design to work with the building not against, to thoughtfully display the building materials that many would try conceal and “fix”.

We designed a simple and subtle colour palette mainly focusing on using blacks, whites and some timber detailing with a tiny pop of colour. The furniture was predominantly very simple and industrial looking with some warmth brought in through the use of fabric and wood as well. The lighting integrated nicely with the overall scheme and design direction further emphasizing the raw industrial nature of this project.

Most of the design has sharp edging and very precise lines but we did choose to add some softer touches through specific pieces such as Autex acoustic ceiling panelling and desk screens. Both serving a function and style.

Industrial design, raw materials, metal, unfinished walls and brick walls all came together in this project to create a beautiful outcome for this office space.