Premium Real Estate Takapuna


Premium Real Estate Takapuna

Premium Real Estate was a small, however enjoyable job with its own challenges. We had a very small space to work with so careful spatial planning needed to be considered. Specific Furniture selection was also of high importance to maximise and utilise the work space. This job was very much a mixture of style and practicality.

We designed and selected folding tables on castors for the office so the client had the option of moving and storing them if they needed to acquire more space. The meeting/waiting area furniture was designed to have a small footprint with thin criss-cross frames to create space underneath to achieve a non-weighted and light look and feel for the items. All the other furniture frames were designed in much the same way – simple, elegant and thin to not bulk down the office and give the illusion of more space. All the bases were powdercoated black to create a unity and simplicity within the office.

We chose to keep the palette quite monochromatic to keep the office simple, light and elegant. However, incorporating Premium Real Estate’s corporate colours in a subtle way was achieved through touches in key furnishing pieces.

Altogether this project was a successful fusion of functionality and design.