Tony Mounce Mortgages

Tony Mounce Mortgages, Christchurch

Tony Mounce Mortgages

Following an increase in team members we were invited back to Tony Mounce to see how we could help them reconfigure their desking and fit in their extra people.  We previously fitted out their office in November 2014, providing desking, screens and storage for the main office and private office as well as the Boardroom table and chairs.  The new brief was to use the existing furniture and increase the work spaces, whilst introducing some of our Electric Sit Stand desks.


The space was quite tight so to increase the desk space from 12 to 16 people we adapted their 6 person ON pod and turned this into 2x 4 person ON pods with a couple of our Stance desks on the end for hot desk workers.  Due to the adaptability of the Levira ON system we managed to make these amends really easily using the components that were already on site meaning the client only had to purchase ‘parts’ of the system and a few desk tops instead of full desks.


We added some hanging Lattice’s to absorb some of the sound that bounced around in the open space, as well as putting in some extra fabric screens to tie it all together and give the team privacy.


The final touches to the project were made in the reception space by reconfiguring the furniture and adding Sedus High Meet table’s and an overlay for an extra meeting space.