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Psychology of Colour in the Workplace

Everyone is different, so its stands to reason the psychological effect of colours on people would vary, depending on their life experiences and culture. However, research shows that colours can actually have the same general affect on the majority of people. ...

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Office Design for Effective Teamwork & Collaboration

Teamwork is one of the most crucial workplace design considerations that needs to be taken into account when space planning. The flow through an office and the way it is laid out is extremely important when creating a productive and communicative office space....

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Mobis leaning stool from Fuze Business Interiors

3 Key Elements of Workplace Design

Design is one of the most essential elements of creating an efficient workplace. Office Design has evolved drastically over the years, allowing us to become more engaged with our workplace and helping us create the ideal office environment. ...

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Maximise Desk Space with Monitor Arms

Gone are the days of straining your neck or having to move around and adjust to a fixed monitor. With adjustable monitor arms you are able to adjust height, depth and angle. You are even able to turn the arms 360 degree if need be...

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